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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11.16.10 MTC

The MTC is going on as usual. The days are weeks, and the weeks are days, as I’ve heard. But then again, I’ve only been here two weeks. Which is kind of weird in and of itself. I don’t have 2 years to serve now; I only have 102 weeks. Not that I’m counting down, or anything, it’s just strange how half a month has passed by so quickly.

And, I don’t know what I mentioned before, so I’ll just repeat a few things. Elder Porter, the Utah elder that used to be in our threesome, is now in the advanced class, so now it’s just Elder Roberts and I. But, we did have a couple Elders move into our district, and two of them are my new roommates. There’s Elder North and Elder MacDonald, from Orange County and New Hampshire, who are the new roomies, and Elder Dilello, a Los Angeles native who was in the Marines for two years before serving a mission. Elders North and MacDonald are together and Elder Pilello is in a trio with Elder Guyman and Jensen. They’re good elders, and wow, working out with a Marine is definitely a good way to get in shape. I still can’t lift my arms over my head without being sore. And that’s a few days after we did our chest workout. The guy is a beast.

Back to other things though. About 3-6 Elders are leaving in a week to go to the Peru MTC, depending on when visas arrive. If they don’t get their visas, we’re all leaving January 3rd, which seems really far and really close. These 2 years are going to fly by so fast, I can tell. Although I’m hoping the MTC experience will go a bit quicker.

I sort of wish I was going to the Mexico City MTC too, except, for some reason, even though Mexico is completely with their people going to the U.S. with not trouble or permission, they’re huge sticklers when it comes to legal immigration. And besides, if I was going there, I’d pick up Spanish much quicker, since right now I feel like learning Spanish is like trying to break through a brick wall with a toy hammer. But then I thought about it and remembered that if I can get through my entire life and come out pure after enduring all the way to the end, learning a language shouldn’t be too hard. Well, it shouldn’t be impossible, anyway.

I think I have a slight advantage over some Elders in our districts, though, since Hermana (Sister) De Leon is a native Guatemalan native and speaks like it. Maybe I’ll be more used to actual Spanish in Mexico since I will have already sort of gotten used to native speaking. Hopefully.

And another thing about the MTC ; it’s almost annoyingly close to BYU. I was studying outside one day, when I suddenly heard the bell tower playing “Come, Come Ye Saints” like it usually does. I hadn’t heard that in six months. It was nice.

It’s also strange to be able to see LaVell Edwards Stadium from the temple grounds, along with the Y, SWKT, FSB, Wilk, and Marriott Center.

Ah, and tonight, we went to a fireside with Kevin W. Pehrson of the Seventy. It was amazing. I love Tuesdays, and not just because it’s P-Day. Every time we have a devotional, every single person is uplifted and happy. He spoke with God’s power and it was incredible. Here are a few of his thoughts:

* It doesn’t matter if we’re a 1, a 10, or a 100. 1 (our power) and infinity (God’s power) = infinity. 1 plus infinity is still infinity.

* There is no try. Trying is stupid. It is either do or do not.

* I am not me. I am no longer Brok Humbert. I am Elder Humbert, God’s son and Christ’s brother. 3 Nephi 5:13

* Average does not equal excellent. There are no average people in heaven.

* Capacity is not relevant, only desire.

* Faith isn’t a ??. It is a gift. And so is charity, hope, love, diligence, patience. . .

Anyway, awesome devotional. One of the best yet. And another thing! I sang in the choir. Crazy, huh? We sang “Jesus, Once of Humble Birth,” and next week, we sing “Come Thou Fount.” I may not be a singer, but that’s okay, since any of my mediocrity is disguised by the chorus of other voices. But, I’m running out of time.


Elder Humbert

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