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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6.27.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

The first picture is of the kilo of tortillas that some people gave to us for free. We don´t know why, but we enjoyed the tortillas anyway. We also thanked them.

The second is of the first time in the mission that I have ridden on a bike. And I wasn´t pedaling. That´s E. Olguin, from Puebla. He´s my Zone Leader, and I had to go with them to interview two of their investigators that got baptized this last weekend. Geez, interviews. They drain you spiritually. I fell asleep during planning when I got home. I was in the middle of a prayer (out loud, I was the one saying it) and I fell asleep.

Okay, so the family we found last week is awesome. We taught them, they felt the Spirit, and are progressing super fast. We went back for the second appointment and we asked them if they prayed to know that the Book of Mormon is true. The mom looked at us and said, "No." I was a little bummed out until she said, "Because I don´t want to bother God with unnecessary questions. I already know that it´s true." YEAHH! WOOO! The first family I´ve taught in my entire mission, and they already know the Book of Mormon is true! Geez. I just hope I´m here long enough to guide them through the whole process of conversion. We´re going back to visit them tomorrow. By the way, it´s a mom, two youth, and two younger kids. The youngest is 5, and when I see him, I think of Taylor as a boy. Mischevious, funny, and he jumps everywhere.

Remember about the youth that was baptized a few weeks ago? He passed me the bread during the Sacrament this Sunday. I just smiled the entire time. The bishop saw me and started to smile too. People here don´t believe me when I say I was anti-social before the mission, because apparently they just see me when I´m smiling. Until I show them my license. Then they´re surprised. Really surprised. And so am I, a little bit. Okay, I need to stop talking about that, or I´ll get overly dramatic and start fake crying in this little Internet cafĂ© about "how much I´ve changed!"

Bleh. Oh well.


Elder Humbert

Monday, June 20, 2011

6.20.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

Here are some pics. A meter long burrito . . .

It was 57.7 degrees Celsius here a few days ago. That´s 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spiritual experience--

We were having a slow day. 3 of our planned appointments had fallen through and we were working in the heat, walking to another neighborhood. E. Rivas and the youth that was with us were talking, and I was thinking about what we could do in order to teach someone that day. That was when I immediately turned to my right and saw a house with a car in the driveway. Without thinking, I walked over. Honestly, I wasn´t thinking. I guess the Spirit was doing the work. I´ve heard that happens sometimes in the mission. My companions followed me and I knocked on the door. Immediately we were greeted with the Mexican equivalent of "Come in!" and we were welcomed in by a middle aged woman to immediately offered us water and told her son to turn off the TV so they could listen to us. We were completely surprised and I was amazed. We sat down, we began to talk, and then to teach. I don´t have time for details, but in the course of the lesson, the woman actually said "Where did I come from, why am I here, and where do I go after I die" in the lesson. The 3 questions that the Plan of Salvation answer. She said them straight out. More details later.


Elder Humbert

Saturday, June 18, 2011

6.13.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

. . . . . my district. I don´t know what E. Rivas is doing, but hey, I´m the only white guy there.

The baptism--YEAHHHHHHH! YEAH! The youth we´ve been teaching got baptized, and another youth was the person who performed the ordinance. In fact, the whole program was made up of youth. Let me say what happened.

The Young Men´s President directed the service, and we started out with "Youth of Israel" and another musical number by a brother and sister of the ward. After that, a young woman and the young man who baptized shared their testimonies. The ordinance followed, and I was a witness. Haha, he got baptized twice, since his knees came out of the water the first time, and I told everyone there about how when Dad baptized me, it was something like 7 times because of my knees. Yeah. They thought that was funny too. That was followed by even more musical numbers, one my a 12 year old young woman of the ward and her mother. I forget the name of the song they sang in English, but it´s awesome.

The youth who was baptized finished the service with his testimony and the closing prayer. He is AWESOME. He´s already asked us what his name tag will say when he´s a missionary. I felt like going crazy when he said that. YEAHHHH. He is also accompanied us to a few lessons this week, and taught at least as much as us in each lesson.

Elder Humbert

Monday, June 6, 2011

6.6.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

I give you the chiltepin, the hottest chile in Sonora, and in Mexico, the second behind the habanero. There was a record in the mission that another elder ate 25. I ate 31. Boo yah. That´s me after all of them. And it wasn´t even that bad. At least, according to me. All the other people there say I´m crazy because I like spicy things so much. None of them made it past 2. That happened after a family home evening, by the way.

I got my package on Tuesday because I got to go to the Offices for a meeting of all the zone leaders and about half of the district leaders of the mission. It was incredible. Only I went, and E. Rivas stayed in the area with another missionary, and we were in the offices and stake center next to the offices for a full one and a half days learning about how to improve our zones and districts. Geez have I missed being a student, instead of being a teacher. They´re both great, but wow, I´ve missed that. We also got to go to the temple afterwards. I understood more Spanish this time than the first time, and it was awesome. I prayed there and got a lot of answers I´ve been looking for, like revelation for the area.

Also, I conducted my first baptismal interview a few weeks ago. Did I already say that? But yeah. It was interesting. Like I´ve already said, at times I think about the importance of baptism, and how this is absolutely the ONLY way people can enter into the kingdom of God. I feel weighted down sometimes with that. It´s . . . interesting, like I said.