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Thursday, September 29, 2011

9.26.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico


First off, thanks to Bishop Weight for emailing again.

Second, I´m sorry for seeming a bit arrogant the last week. I had had a lot of spiritual experiences, and I felt really good about it. But once again, I didn´t do anything special. God just decided to help me for some reason.

Two things, if I have time. The bus to Hermosillo leaves really soon, so I have to be quick.

We´ve been teaching someone these past few weeks, and they had the idea that they had committed so much sin that they couldn´t be forgiven. We´ve been teaching and testifying every lesson, but they haven´t accepted it yet.

But this week was different. Using the Book of Mormon, we looked up a bunch of scriptures on the Atonement, and it´s infinite nature (Alma 7:11-14, Alma 34:10-14, etc.). We shared them all, testifying the whole time. They kept telling us, "No, I can´t. I can´t do it." I looked at them, and without thinking, told them that believing that whatever sin besides denying the Holy Ghost is unforgivable was a lack of faith. I realized what I said, thinking, "Crap, they´re going to get offended. But the Spirit told me to say it." They looked at me. "Do you really think I can?" "Yes."

They reflected for a few minutes. Ah, I can´t put in all the details, but it was incredible to see a person´s faith grow in the course of an hour. They (it´s only one person, though) now believe it. Gah, I can´t put in more details.

Elder Humbert

Monday, September 19, 2011

9.19.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico


Here´s a pic of E. Cheron (great comp, by the way) and E. McKenna. E. Mckenna is the guy that was with E. Rivas when my family got baptized. Yeah, I call them my family. When he showed me the pictures, I actually did bawl my eyes out. But not too much. Haha, he also said it was hard for him to win over the members in Hermosillo after I had been there for so long and had known so many people.

Mexican Independence day the 15th. Check out the other elders.

This is also what happens when you have a bunch of cut out pictures and too much time on P-Day.

I go to Hermosillo and the mission home once a month now, for Zone Leader´s meeting with Pte. We´re going next week, I think.

I´m glad to hear all the news from home. I read everything, remember, I just don´t respond. Thanks for always writing, Mom. And other people would do well to write too.

A few experiences. We had Zone Conference this week, and I talked for almost all of it--I´m "training" E. Cheron to be a ZL. But it doesn´t mean anything, remember. It´s very strange to have 16 other missionaries looking at you and thinking you have answers to their problems when I don´t know the answers to my own. In fact, I don´t even know some of the questions that I have . . . yeah, it´s abstract, but it works. But it was cool. Having the Spirit teach through you in Spanish for almost an hour straight is kind of awesome.

And it happened again on Sunday. E. Cheron and I both talked, and when I got to the pulpit, I looked down at my notes, looked up, and started talking. I didn´t use half of what I had prepared. The Spirit was present the whole time. I talked of how love is the motive of missionary work, like how you (mom) always took us to Church every week as kids because you loved us and knew it was for our good. And like in missionary work, because you really loved us, it didn´t matter how much you had to do to bring us to the Gospel. That doesn´t mean we should obligate anyone, and we shouldn´t, but it also means that if really love someone, you won´t have the fear to open your mouth and introduce them to the Gospel (Moroni 8:16).

One more thing. I shared my BYU experience of praying before and after every test with a different youth this week. He told us he remembered my experience one of his tests in the week, prayed, and got a better score he had dreamed of. He then continued to bear his testimony of the Book of Mormon. Gah I was happy after that. Unfortunately I don´t have time to include the other details

Elder Humbert

Monday, September 12, 2011

9.12.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico

Hoo rah,

Hey, the birthday was cool. Guess what we celebrated with? Missionary work and teaching lessons! YEAH! Also, we had more success this week, so I think God chose to give me a birthday present. That´s cool.

But we did celebrate another day. It was nice.

But my camera doesn´t want to upload pictures. Lame.

We´re teaching a youth right now. When we first got there, he was a typical rebellious teenager, but it´s amazing how fast his appearance has changed. Every time we visit, we leave a story from the Book of Mormon and he reads every one. I love that. Especially when he tells the story back to us.

E. Villa got transferred to Nogales. I´m now with E. Cheron, my old district leader a few days ago. Good guy.

I got bit by a dog for the first time this week. A mutt about the size of my thigh, it pretty much just applied pressure to my Achille´s tendon until I kicked it off. No damage, although it did freak me out.

Remember the family I found in Hermosillo with E. Rivas? I got the news yesterday. They were baptized on Sunday. I am not ashamed to say that I cried (hey, but not like bawling my eyes out crying) when I found out. Gah, that made me feel good.

Sounds like everyone is having success--awesome.

I still remember 9/11. I was at Pershing when I found out, even if I didn´t understand. The world is still messed up, but hey, we knew that that was going to happen. But it´ll improve dramatically when He arrives. But who knows when that is going to happen.

I don´t have much time (again, I´m sorry, I know, but we had to do a bunch of stuff for transfers today), but one more thing before I go. I read my patriarchal blessing a few days ago, and I saw something new. I obviously won´t go into too much detail, but it said that the "counsel of the brethren will have a special ring, a special meaning" to me. I took that, thought about it, and started to read one conference talk every day. It´s amazing how much I´ve learned in just a few days.

Read your patriarchal blessing. It works.


Elder Humbert

P.S. Shaun Kouriri, I still need your address

9.5.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico


Quick quick quick. Lots of emails that I had to write.

A massive grasshopper. Strangely, they can´t jump too high. And they are SLOW.

By the way, there´s Chinese food here too. It tastes exactly the same, and strangely reminds me of home.

Yeah, the Book of Mormon is kind of powerful. That´s what happens when it comes straight from God instead of through everyone else´s hands first.

The family that I found in the last area were the same. The mom was testifying of it after just reading the Introduction. I talked with my old Zone Leaders last week--they´re getting baptized soon. Awesome.

I´ve been thinking about that lately. The whole "found" thing. Almost every single person that I have helped convert (I didn´t do the converting) would have joined the Church no matter who would have taught them, as long as they weren´t really bad teachers. At times, that reminds me of how I´m just a tool in the Lord´s hands, and nothing special, and also reminds me of how prepared some people are. But then again, maybe I did do something else. I don´t know. But it doesn´t really matter, as long as the work is done and people are helped.

I got sick this week, again. And it wasn´t from being dehydrated. I had a fever, and couldn´t eat anything. But I asked E. Villa to give me a blessing, and he did. During the blessing, I received a strong impression that I would only be sick for that day. I physically felt exactly the same (not too great), and still had a fever. But I kept reminding myself of that throughout the day. We went home, and I rested, sweating even with the air conditioning, and being hot but not sweating when I was outside. It wasn´t too fun.

I woke up the next morning, sprang out of bed, and then went and worked as though nothing had happened the day before. Yeah. Cool.

I wondered why I got sick, but I then had a chance to give a blessing to someone else later in the week. I gave one to a young woman who had recently been having siezures. We gave her the blessing, and I once again felt the same feeling. The Spirit was felt.

The next day we went back and she was completely fine. God had given me a chance to strengthen my own faith in order to help another person. Awesome.


Elder Humbert