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Monday, August 8, 2011

8.8.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico

Hoo rah,

I didn't write last week because I got tranferred and I was in a bus for 5 hours and I had to do other things besides that. I'm sorry. I'm now in Navojoa (nah-bah-HO-ah) in the Aeropuerto area (it's in the south of Sonora), with E. Villa, my former, current, and fellow zone leader as a companion. Don't read too much into that assignment/calling, it doesn't mean too much.

And hey, I have absolutely no time, sorry, we had to clean out our entire house. The missionaries that have been living there the past few years haven't cleaned too much and my standards of cleanileness are much higher than theirs. Please tell Jen to not kill me via email. Also, I'm sorry, I haven't written letters for a month, we've had meetings and believe me, we've been busy.

It's a little less hot, a lot more humid, it rains a lot more, and a lot more humble here. It's awesome. Even if I sweat like CRAZY. Here's some pics of the area, the storms, and our flooded streets.

Sorry, I have to go, apologies, I'm sorry, no time, I promise a lot more the next week.

Thanks for all the emails, everyone, I promise I will answer them one way or another.

Praying for you all,

Elder Humbert

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