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Thursday, August 16, 2012

8.13.12 -- Obregón

Hey I don`t have much time, but yeah, I´m being transferred. I love every single one of my areas, and Obregón was no exception. I love the people here, I love the ward, I love my converts, and honestly, I knew that I was being transferred. But it didn´t make it hurt any less when I said goodbye. But we never stopped working, even in the last week. The missionary slang in Spanish that means that a missionary stops working is "morir." In other words, to die. I never want to die. 

I´ll fill you in next week about what happened in the week, but I´m going to Nogales, with E. Campos, in place of E. Palfreyman. Nogales is colder, we have a washing machine, and one of the elders before me left a bunch of weights in the house to work out with. Cool.

I love the mission. I love my converts. I will never regret the decision of serving.

Say hi to the returned missionaries for me, I`m glad Kurt`s back.

Thanks for the news, I love you all.

Elder Humbert

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