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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7.2.12 -- Obregon

And check out what we found downtown. Nope, no one saw us taking the pictures.
Elder Cirne is from my generation, and was in Hermosillo when I was, was in Etchojoa when I was in Huatabampo, and was in Reforma (here in Obregón) last transfer. Like I said, he´s poblano (from Puebla), and he knows how to work. We honestly don´t know what happened this week, but we were blessed with a lot of people to teach. We were both telling each other, "I have no idea what´s going on, but it seems like God is happy with us this week." We worked, as usual, but everything turned outwell, instead of the normal trend (some days bad, some days good).
We´re working with a less active family, and the father isn´t a member. The mom and husband arrived to Church a few months ago by themselves, but this week we got every member of the family in Church. It was great because right before I got up to share my testimony in sacrament meeting, the daughter of the family got up and bore her testimony about how she can already feel that the Church will help their family become more unified and strong--she felt that when she entered the chapel.
We had two other less active families that came, each with at least one person that isn´t a member. It was incredible.
As for Pres. Monson´s quote, it´s true. I remember in Hermosillo when E. Rivas and I went with the sister missionaries to teach a man from Utah. I taught him in English the entire time, but after 20 minutes of feeling the Spirit so strongly, one of the sisters burst out and said, "I have to say something, I don´t understand a word either of you are saying, but I HAVE to say something, the Spirit is so strong here right now." She shared a scripture and I translated.
Off to Hermosillo.
Elder Humbert
Quote sent to Brok today

 In the April 1985 general conference, President Thomas S. Monson, then 
a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, said, "There is one language . . 
. that is understood by each missionary:  The language of the Spirit.  
It is not learned from textbooks written by men of letters, nor is it 
acquired through reading and memorization.  The language of the Spirit 
comes to him who seeks with all his heart to know God and to keep His 
divine commandments.  Proficiency in this language permits one to 
breach barriers, overcome obstacles and touch the human heart."

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