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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6.19.12 Obregon

This is E. Mooney´s last week. It´s scary to think of how fast it´s going by. I know that every missionary says this, but I want it to end, but I don´t. It´s annoying. It hurts. But I can say one thing for sure--I want summer to end NOW. And it hasn´t even really started yet.
Here´s something to gross you out.
Here´s a guy that´s from Elk Grove. E. Marsh. Awesome guy. He started out in Huatabampo, and when I went to Esperanza to interview one of his investigators, we were talking the whole time about the city. Now that the bad memories of not having electricity, food, or a washing machine have faded away, I miss the place. Well, I miss the people more than the place, but it´s still cool. He´s a great missionary, and loves every single one of his investigators. He also speaks Spanish perfectly. The gift of tongues is definitely real.
I found Jimi Hendrix in the Jardines area. We were busy going on splits this week for interviews. Awesome.

Pte. and Hna. Velez in their last Zone Leader Council. Hna. Velez cried a lot. She loves the missionaries like her own sons, even if she is SUPER strict with each and every one. Except for when we had our last zone conference here in Obregón. She broke down completely when we sang "Called to Serve" as the closing hymn, with everyone on their feet. She then proceeded to give everyone a hug, saying "I don´t care if the rules say I can´t hug you, I will never see some of you again." She´ll be missed.

Anyway, the week was good. The highlight was seeing a convert from Huatabampo. The young woman that we baptized lives in Obregón for college during the week, and we were able to go pay a quick visit. Someone from the branch in Huatabampo gave her a triple and she´s becoming involved in the YSA activities here in Obregón. She knows she made the right decision when she was baptized. She knows it and she feels it.
Throughout the course of my mission, I´ve thought about the people I´ve helped. Even if I don´t baptize the most, I at least know that many of my converts have stayed. They´re ok. They have a testimony. They´re active. Not all of them, which hurts, but I know that I´ve done my part.
I am so grateful for this mission.
I just wish that I was grateful for the heat as well. But I´m not.
Elder Humbert

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