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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2.14.11 Satelite, Hermosillo

Anywho . . . you know, if there are people praying for me, I have a request. Instead of asking for blessings for me, ask for blessings upon all the convert missionaries, like E. Cancino. I can´t imagine how hard it would be to not have a family supporting me, and it makes me admire the missionaries that serve regardless of that even more. Like Dad. Thank you.

And I want to write about 3 things this week, if I have time. The first is that I had my first baptism! Although it was an 8 year old girl, and not a convert. But you know what, it was the first time I baptized someone, so I´m happy. The actual ordinance was awesome--the water was cold, since the chapel´s boiler wasn´t working too well, and Karla (the 8 year old) was shivering as she entered the font. I was cold too, and I was definitely not warm. But immediately after the actual ordinance, and she came out of the water, the strangest thing happened. It was as if the entire font had immediately heated up--I was no longer cold in anyway. I didn´t feel hot, but warm and fuzzy, like the cliché feeling of . . . whatever that cliché feeling is related to. It was awesome.

Numero dos. I talked in church yesterday! Yup, around 13 minutes in Spanish with only 3 days of preparation. And for some reason, I didn´t feel nervous at all. I don´t know why, since my Spanish todavía falta mucho (or it´s still missing a lot), but I wasn´t freaked out. Maybe because the ward here is so much smaller. I talked about the different motives of various missionaries--the Apostle Peter´s was presumably his love for Christ and his desire to obey him (John 21:15-17), and the sons of Mosiah had the motive of knowing the feeling of having an eternal perspective as both sinners and redeemed men (Mosiah 28:3). I also talked of my own motives--but I don´t have time to talk about that. Anyway, I talked about the motive that all people should have to share the gospel of Christ, and I was trying to incite the members to be a little more active in member missionary work. I hope I made some kind of difference, even if I only have 4 weeks of Spanish experience to back me up.

The third thing is that the types of people here are the same as in the U.S. There are bad people, and there are good people, but wow, the good people are GOOD. Unlike Americans, they´re more likely to give up money to do something nice, instead of the average person in the states. Including me. For example, a man working in a pizzeria gave us a free pizza with everything on it just because I was curious as to how it would taste.

Ah! No time left! ¡Adio

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