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Saturday, June 18, 2011

6.13.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

. . . . . my district. I don´t know what E. Rivas is doing, but hey, I´m the only white guy there.

The baptism--YEAHHHHHHH! YEAH! The youth we´ve been teaching got baptized, and another youth was the person who performed the ordinance. In fact, the whole program was made up of youth. Let me say what happened.

The Young Men´s President directed the service, and we started out with "Youth of Israel" and another musical number by a brother and sister of the ward. After that, a young woman and the young man who baptized shared their testimonies. The ordinance followed, and I was a witness. Haha, he got baptized twice, since his knees came out of the water the first time, and I told everyone there about how when Dad baptized me, it was something like 7 times because of my knees. Yeah. They thought that was funny too. That was followed by even more musical numbers, one my a 12 year old young woman of the ward and her mother. I forget the name of the song they sang in English, but it´s awesome.

The youth who was baptized finished the service with his testimony and the closing prayer. He is AWESOME. He´s already asked us what his name tag will say when he´s a missionary. I felt like going crazy when he said that. YEAHHHH. He is also accompanied us to a few lessons this week, and taught at least as much as us in each lesson.

Elder Humbert

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