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Monday, June 6, 2011

6.6.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

I give you the chiltepin, the hottest chile in Sonora, and in Mexico, the second behind the habanero. There was a record in the mission that another elder ate 25. I ate 31. Boo yah. That´s me after all of them. And it wasn´t even that bad. At least, according to me. All the other people there say I´m crazy because I like spicy things so much. None of them made it past 2. That happened after a family home evening, by the way.

I got my package on Tuesday because I got to go to the Offices for a meeting of all the zone leaders and about half of the district leaders of the mission. It was incredible. Only I went, and E. Rivas stayed in the area with another missionary, and we were in the offices and stake center next to the offices for a full one and a half days learning about how to improve our zones and districts. Geez have I missed being a student, instead of being a teacher. They´re both great, but wow, I´ve missed that. We also got to go to the temple afterwards. I understood more Spanish this time than the first time, and it was awesome. I prayed there and got a lot of answers I´ve been looking for, like revelation for the area.

Also, I conducted my first baptismal interview a few weeks ago. Did I already say that? But yeah. It was interesting. Like I´ve already said, at times I think about the importance of baptism, and how this is absolutely the ONLY way people can enter into the kingdom of God. I feel weighted down sometimes with that. It´s . . . interesting, like I said.

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