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Monday, July 18, 2011

7.18.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

Just to start off, if this email is unfocused or uninteresting, I have an excuse. Guess what it is? For the first time in my entire mission (probably the first of many), I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN SICK! Yeah! So anyway, I have a pretty annoying headache, so I´m not thinking too straight right now. It wasn´t anything I ate, I think I just got super dehydrated after a really long day of walking in the sun.

Something I´ve noticed about the wards here is that everything is less organized, since most of the members are converts, and haven´t had their entire lives to get used to the Church. But because there aren´t as many members, it´s a lot easier to get up and share your testimony. People still get nervous bearing their testimony in front of 50 people, but when I tell them how many the ward back home has, they freak out.

Gah, what can I talk about? Ah, I know.

We had interviews with Pte. Velez this week (by the way, "Pte." means Presidente), and at the end, he gave each missionary a copy of a talk by Elder Holland, called "The Atonement and Missionary Work." He speaks of a lot of things in the talk, a LOT, and is very powerful. I saw the video in the MTC, and it´s even more applicable now thatn it was before. He talks about why missionary work has to be hard. "Why can´t people just accept the gospel withough struggling? Why can´t the only problem in the mission field be that people have pnemonia (did I spell that right?) for not being able to dry off fast enough after their baptism? Why can´t there just be a line of people outside the apartment in the morning, ready to hear the gospel? Why? Why can´t it be easier? I´ll tell you why. Because the Atonement wasn´t easy. Christ suffered. His sacrifice was the most difficult act ever performed in the history of the Earth. It wasn´t easy for him, and it shouldn´t be easy for you! He suffered, and we should suffer as well. Don´t get me wrong. None of you are "atoners." None of you will ever suffer as much as Him. Ever. But we cannot fully understand the Atonement unless we take at least one small step towards Calvary."

I also remember another quote by him: "Christ came into the world to suffer the will of the Father. I hope that by the end of your missions, you will be able to say the same--I have suffered the will of the Father."
Elder Humbert

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