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Monday, July 4, 2011

7.4.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo


Hey, Happy 4th. I´m ashamed to say that I had forgotten about it completely until a Mexican elder reminded me. That´s ironic. Enjoy the far-away picture of the American consulate in my area, with the flag waving in the distance.

Also, a pic of everyone after a zone-district leader meeting (companions included).

Some bad news--I don´t know if all the letters that I sent have arrived. E. Rivas and I went to the post office recently to send some more, and apparently even the postal workers there don´t have confidence in the "normal" postage, which is how I sent about 10 to everyone at home or in other missions. I´ll have to step it up and start using the super expensive, registered postage now. The only downside is that if I run out of money, I´ll have to start taking money out of my account from home so I don´t starve in the morning.

The good news is that I did get some other letters.

Please thank Bro. Robbins for his quote the last time Dad and I home taught them before I left--"You don´t have to be the best, just be the Lord´s."

I also realized the other day that my farewell talk starts out exactly like the definition of "Hope" in True to the Faith. I swear, I didn´t plaigarize.

There´s a story here that a missionary was crossing the street in the summer and the rubber in his shoes got glued to the asphalt because it was so hot. That´s comforting.

Anyway--hey, it rained here the other day. A desert storm, with lots of wind, dust, and dirty rain that is AWESOME. Except after it all evaporates and turns into humidity. But that´s fine. It was completely worth it.

Geez, I need to move on with a spiritual experience now. Okay. The family we´re teaching right now is great. We´ve taught a few lessons and they´ve felt the Spirit in each one. We´ve invited members to come teach with us, including some youth, and it is perfect. The only downside is that they won´t be able to come to Church for a few weeks. They want to, but the youngest child (5 years old, crazy like Taylor) got chicken pox. I don´t remember what I had to do, but he´s not going to be able to leave the house for 40 days, until the sickness is entirely gone. Even though that wasn´t that great, we did get to give him a blessing after finding out that he got sick. He has little . . . what´s the scientific name for the things on his skin? Pustules? Well, he has them all over his body, but he´s still running around and wreaking havoc. In a funny way. But we came, and explained to his Mom about priesthood blessings. The son continued to run around, but at the end, his Mom told him to come to the couch she was seated at. I said his name and he looked at me. "We´re going to give you a blessing now, okay? You have to stay really still. We´re going to put our hands on your head, say a few words, and if you´re really quiet and pray with your Mom, you´re going to feel better. Okay?"

He calmed down and we brought a chair over for him to sit in. He kept still, and was quiet. I anointed him, and E. Rivas sealed the anointing and pronounced the blessing. The child was still and quiet the entire time. We finished, and he looked up at us. "Do you feel better?" "Yeah." He was quiet for a few minutes, getting over the sensation of feeling the Spirit, but was soon running around again. That was cool.

Afterwards, the family showed us a ton of art things that they had, some of which they made. That´s when I remembered Glass Art. I told them about it, and they asked what it looked like, especially the Spider-Man window (the kids love Spider-Man). Unfortunately, I have no pictures.

I also interviewed an investigator of the sister missionaries this week. The experience is a little too sacred to put in an email, but it was probably one of the most spiritual experiences in my mission. I was also dead tired afterwards.

Adios, and please continue writing, even if the post here is unreliable,

Elder Humbert

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