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Monday, September 12, 2011

9.12.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico

Hoo rah,

Hey, the birthday was cool. Guess what we celebrated with? Missionary work and teaching lessons! YEAH! Also, we had more success this week, so I think God chose to give me a birthday present. That´s cool.

But we did celebrate another day. It was nice.

But my camera doesn´t want to upload pictures. Lame.

We´re teaching a youth right now. When we first got there, he was a typical rebellious teenager, but it´s amazing how fast his appearance has changed. Every time we visit, we leave a story from the Book of Mormon and he reads every one. I love that. Especially when he tells the story back to us.

E. Villa got transferred to Nogales. I´m now with E. Cheron, my old district leader a few days ago. Good guy.

I got bit by a dog for the first time this week. A mutt about the size of my thigh, it pretty much just applied pressure to my Achille´s tendon until I kicked it off. No damage, although it did freak me out.

Remember the family I found in Hermosillo with E. Rivas? I got the news yesterday. They were baptized on Sunday. I am not ashamed to say that I cried (hey, but not like bawling my eyes out crying) when I found out. Gah, that made me feel good.

Sounds like everyone is having success--awesome.

I still remember 9/11. I was at Pershing when I found out, even if I didn´t understand. The world is still messed up, but hey, we knew that that was going to happen. But it´ll improve dramatically when He arrives. But who knows when that is going to happen.

I don´t have much time (again, I´m sorry, I know, but we had to do a bunch of stuff for transfers today), but one more thing before I go. I read my patriarchal blessing a few days ago, and I saw something new. I obviously won´t go into too much detail, but it said that the "counsel of the brethren will have a special ring, a special meaning" to me. I took that, thought about it, and started to read one conference talk every day. It´s amazing how much I´ve learned in just a few days.

Read your patriarchal blessing. It works.


Elder Humbert

P.S. Shaun Kouriri, I still need your address

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