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Monday, September 12, 2011

9.5.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico


Quick quick quick. Lots of emails that I had to write.

A massive grasshopper. Strangely, they can´t jump too high. And they are SLOW.

By the way, there´s Chinese food here too. It tastes exactly the same, and strangely reminds me of home.

Yeah, the Book of Mormon is kind of powerful. That´s what happens when it comes straight from God instead of through everyone else´s hands first.

The family that I found in the last area were the same. The mom was testifying of it after just reading the Introduction. I talked with my old Zone Leaders last week--they´re getting baptized soon. Awesome.

I´ve been thinking about that lately. The whole "found" thing. Almost every single person that I have helped convert (I didn´t do the converting) would have joined the Church no matter who would have taught them, as long as they weren´t really bad teachers. At times, that reminds me of how I´m just a tool in the Lord´s hands, and nothing special, and also reminds me of how prepared some people are. But then again, maybe I did do something else. I don´t know. But it doesn´t really matter, as long as the work is done and people are helped.

I got sick this week, again. And it wasn´t from being dehydrated. I had a fever, and couldn´t eat anything. But I asked E. Villa to give me a blessing, and he did. During the blessing, I received a strong impression that I would only be sick for that day. I physically felt exactly the same (not too great), and still had a fever. But I kept reminding myself of that throughout the day. We went home, and I rested, sweating even with the air conditioning, and being hot but not sweating when I was outside. It wasn´t too fun.

I woke up the next morning, sprang out of bed, and then went and worked as though nothing had happened the day before. Yeah. Cool.

I wondered why I got sick, but I then had a chance to give a blessing to someone else later in the week. I gave one to a young woman who had recently been having siezures. We gave her the blessing, and I once again felt the same feeling. The Spirit was felt.

The next day we went back and she was completely fine. God had given me a chance to strengthen my own faith in order to help another person. Awesome.


Elder Humbert

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