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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3.19.12 Huatabampo


Pics--E. Tovar got sent to Puerto Peñasco in special transfers this week. A few new gringos arrived in Hermosillo, and they had to go somewhere, so a few people got moved around. We had to wait for E. Jackman to arrive in the bus station for a while. E. Tovar will be missed--I got along with him really well, even if he wasn´t my companion. And I went on exchanges with E. Cirne in Etchojoa this week. Unfortunately our bikes blew out on the way back from one of the small towns we went to, so we had to hitchike our way back. Also, everyone from Huatabampo and Bacobampo went out this morning to hike a . . . well, it´s not a legitimate mountain, but a pretty big hill (complete with bat cave) near Buaysicobe (pronounced BWAI-se-coe-bi), a tiny town near Bacobampo. Here we are up top.

I have no idea who Alberto E. Hernandez is, but Pte. Velez will definitely be missed. That guy is great. But he´s working like crazy before he goes home. Haha, and he and his wife will be leaving one of their daughters in Hermosillo--imagine, attending your daughter´s wedding as a mission president, in the temple right next to where you work all day.

As for the quotes, I´ve noticed that EVERYthing that E. Bednar writes, says, or shares, it ALWAYS focuses on action. Christ died so we could act, not be acted upon (2 Nephi 2:26). We can pray, but if we don´t do anything about it afterwards, our prayers are in vain. And as for Pres. Uchtdorf, he just makes everyone feel happy when he speaks.

As for other things, I saw bell peppers (or chiles morrónes) for the first time this week. I found that strange.

But a good spiritual experience as well. We´ve been teaching a small family for a few weeks, but this week was different for them. The mother had a death in the family, and she was super worried the first time we got there after her death. You could see it in her face--she wanted to know where her sister went. We taught about the Plan of Salvation, and actually left a Gospel Principles book with her. A little bit more in depth than usual, but when we went back the next time, she had read every single chapter that she could find that talked about life after death. Not only
that, she´s started to teach the rest of her immediate family about what she´s learned.

She doesn´t look as worried anymore. The awesome things that the Gospel does.
Anyway, I hope everyone´s doing well.

Elder Humbert

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