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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3.5.12 -- Huatabampo

Unfortunately, the email won´t be as long this week. But yes, we´re still working and the zone is doing better. E. Campos and E. Gil are working their butts off in Bacobampo, and one of their investigators is getting ready to be baptized next week--the first person in that area for almost a year. Everyone is doing well. Even if we don´t have many things to do on P-day in these tiny towns. But that´s all goooood.
E. Tovar and E. Olguin cut each other´s hair. They both have lines on the sides of their heads. I declined the invitation. Also, we went all the way to Etchojoa on our bikes this week. It was interesting.
Oh, E. Tovar says hi.
Anyway, two things. First, we went to Hermosillo. E. Roberts is still in Pitic, and is going to be there for 7.5 months. That´ll be 13.5 months in Hermosillo in total. Crazy. But it was good seeing all the other elders again.
We learned about a few things--E. Florence got a book by E. Bednar from his parents (Increase in Learning--add that to my list of things, by the way), and Pte. asked him to teach a few things from it. In the book, E. Bednar teaches the importance of learning in the Plan of Salvation, and how our agency plays a part in it. We learn by faith and by experience. We can have knowledge (associated with the mind), understanding (associated with the heart), and we can be intelligent (applied knowledge and understanding). For example, someone can know many things, but be an idiot when it comes to making decisions in their lives. When we are taught by the scriptures, there is a sequence of teaching--Doctrine (a pure truth, unchangeable and given by God, such as the first three Articles of Faith, answers the question "Why?"), Principle (a guideline, founded in Doctrine, such as the 4th Article of Faith, answers the question "What?"), and Application (actions, answers the question "How?"). That was just a quick summary. If you want to know more, buy and read the book. The funny thing is that E. Bednar taught about the same exact thing when he came to the MTC more than a year ago.
"It is more important for the investigator to learn than for us to teach." -- E. Bednar
The second. We were asleep at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday when the phone rang. We got up and found out that a less active man was in the hospital--his kidneys weren´t doing too well. We called Pte., he gave the go-ahead, and we went to go give him a blessing. He saw us and laughed a little bit--"Haha, Olguin y Humbert." We gave him a blessing and went home. It´s interesting how people still have a testimony of principles of the Gospel (such as the priesthood) even if they don´t do anything with the Church.
Elder Humbert

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