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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3.26.12 Huatabampo


We got to help out in the baptism for our Branch President´s grandson (we had a few investigators there as well). Also, we went to Yavaros (a small fishing town an hour away from Huatabampo that has all of the fish processing factories). Here´s one of the inlets.

The reason why we went there was to teach the mother of the woman that is reading the Gospel Principles book. Her family is doing very well, and our lessons with them are getting more and more spiritual every time. We went this week and taught a bit more about the Restoration, but this time with the Dad there. As we began to speak, he had his eyebrows furrowed and looked kind of angry (or at least, I thought that). I actually got a little worried, but we continued with the lesson, and we finished by watching the 20 minute movie The Restoration. We watched it in silence, and when it finished playing, I glanced over at the Dad and he said, "I enjoyed that a lot. Honestly, I feel completely at peace right now." He continued expressing his thoughts about Joseph Smith. We left spiritually edified that night. So awesome.

Also, when we were in Church, we were sitting in Gospel Principles class and listening to E. Treviño teach about obedience when Pte. and Hna. Velez suddenly opened the door and sat down next to me and one of our investigators. E. Treviño saw them come in and froze. His face slowly relaxed and then continued teaching. My first thoughts were, "Oh, I hope Hna. Velez doesn´t ask us to show her the house" (Hna. Velez demands complete spotlessness, no matter how clean the house is), quickly followed by, "I am so glad it wasn´t my turn to teach the class this week." I´m pretty sure I would have gotten pretty nervous.

We weren´t scared or anything (minus the whole house thing), but they got there without any kind of warning whatsoever. When he sat down next to me, he asked me, "How are you?" "A little surprised." It was all good, Pte. just interviewed each of us (in his normal way, talking about the mission in general, but then suddenly jumping out of nowhere with a piercing look and the question "Are you worthy?"), and they said goodbye, continuing in their minivan to go to Etchojoa.

Good week. I hope everything is going well at home. Love you all

Elder Humbert

Oh, and Hna. Velez said that the new mission president is from Paraguay. That´s all they know.

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