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Monday, April 23, 2012

4.16.12 -- Obregon

Let me respond to everything you wrote first.
Yeah, Obregón is about 1.5, 2 hours from Navojoa. I cannot get out of the south. But it´s great. Just as humid as Navojoa, though.
Being with an American companion is weird. Really weird. I like it, and I don´t like it. I love English, but I´ve discovered after a week of speaking in English for a while that I love speaking Spanish as well. We have the same culture background, and we get along well. Unfortunately, I can´t just turn around and ask what something means anymore. He´s been here for a transfer longer than I.
Obregón is HUGE. We went to Wal-Mart after writing last week and I was amazed. I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate factory. It was crazy. I was weirded out to see so many things in the same place, and that I could actually buy dairy products, since we have a fridge now.
Tell Sis. Decker about this--our ex-ward mission leader (he just got released and was called as Young Men´s Pres.) served his mission in the Colorado Denver South mission, and got back 6 months ago or so. Christian Medina. He said he met Jessica there, but never met Jeremy Robbins. He speaks English. He drew this on our whiteboard at home when he came over.
Like I said before, E. Beeston left a very good area here. He´s an incredible missionary, and the bishop even said when we went to ward council this week, "E. Beeston left the bar high when he left, elders, so work hard. But I´ll know you´ll do it, so I´m not worrying."
We went with a family that E. Mooney and he were teaching. The mom was devestated when E. Beeston left, and had to leave the chapel on Sunday because her eyes were so swollen from crying. She told us straight out when we got there, "We still want to go to Church for the right reasons, but elders, we don´t want to get attached to either of you anymore." Needless to say, the situation was a little uncomfortable when we got there. But after a few days, they started warming up again. Here´s E. Mooney jumping rope outside with the little girls to make them more receptive.
Obviously we´re not here to convert people to us, we´re here to convert people to Christ. But when the pure love of Christ is always present, it´s much easier to do so.
We kept teaching them, and the husband and 2 daughters were baptized. The mom was a less active member, but had always wanted to come back to Church--all she needed was a visit. The dad is a soldier, and is currently on leave. He´s a bit more quiet, but knows that this Gospel will help him. The daughters are awesome. 8 and 9 years old, and they´re super funny. We went to go visit them on Sunday after they were confirmed and we could feel that the house was different. The Spirit was there.
After the service, the second counselor in the Bishopric that was there came up to us and told us that he needed us to speak on Sunday about the Atonement. That was at 7:50 p.m. Saturday night. So, I got to stay up a few more hours that night and get a talk ready. But when the time came, the confirmations made things run late, so I had to cut my talk down. I bore my testimony and pretty much repeated what I said about 17 months ago. After all this time, it´s pretty obvious to me that what I said was completely true. I still cannot compare my suffering with that of His, but I have experienced more of it in this past year and a half than for the rest of my life combined. But His sacrifice was infinite. There are no limits. Ever--except for when we limit ourselves by denying our own faith. I´ve testified about that I don´t know how many times. But I don´t even need to think about it anymore--it feels like more than just faith now. I don´t say that to be prideful. I just know it. I´ve never seen God or Christ. But His sacrifice is more than just something people like talking about in Church. You just have to know how to apply it in the right way.

Elder Humbert

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