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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4.2.12 Huatabampo


I know it´s weird, but I got super excited when I saw ladybugs (or "catarinas") in the field this week. It had been more than 17 months since I had seen one.

And Andre, thanks for writing, as usual. I´m glad to hear that you can still think what my point of view on popular culture would be if I was still home. And thanks for filling me in on Axel and Kellen. Axel, get transferred to the Red Robin on Greenback. Kellen, keep going in crew. Yes, it´s a sport. But not a very popular one.

We got to see Conference except for the first 45 minutes of the Saturday morning session, since when we arrived at the chapel, no one that had the keys to the room of the projector was there. But E. Jackman and I enjoyed hearing everything in English this time, and I wasn´t super worried like last time because one of my investigators went missing 6 months ago the day of conference.

But I especially liked E. Bednar, E. Oaks, E. (or is it Pres?) Rasband, Pres. Uchtdorf (the one on Mercy), and E. Holland, as usual.

Two things.

We´re currently teaching a young woman who is progressing a lot. She´s been going to Church for the past few months and especially liked General Conference. She´s expressed her desires to be baptized for a few weeks, but a lot of things are going on in her life right now--it´s always annoying how Satan starts working hardest during the most crucial moments. Family, friends, school, everything just crashing down all at once. I have a lot of respect for converts--I was born into all of this, and I´ve never had to worry about all the problems that happen in the life of somebody that joins the Church in the middly of life. Once again, Dad, thanks for serving a mission with just a few years in the Church. Bro. Aten (I don´t know if he´s still in Tempo Park, but I haven´t forgotten him, by the way).

Another. We went this week to teach the woman that E. Tovar and I went to teach a few weeks ago. It was incredible. She speaks English, so I got to teach in English the whole time--apparently I explain a lot better in my native tongue. The only downside was having E. Campos (from Bacobampo, we were doing exchanges) there the whole time just listening. He said he understood everything, even if he didn´t speak much.

Out of time. Oh well. Adios.

Elder Humbert

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