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Monday, April 16, 2012

4.9.12 -- Obregon


Anyway, check out the ONE shoe that I got compared with the one I have right now. No, the other package wasn´t stolen, it just got here a little bit later. We went to Hermosillo this last week for Zone Leader (meeting? I dunno, the Spanish word is "concilio," but "council" sounds too pompous), so I got to pick it up. Also, it was Pte.´s birthday. I was there last year, and for this one too. Check out E. Spencer playing the cello (he played a duet with E. Hancock on the piano--Love at Home). That guy is CRAZY. Soo cool.

E. Mila also got to testify at the end of his mission--he´s going home to West Valley, Utah today or tomorrow. He was a great leader, and an amazing example. Even if this picture turned out bad.

I was transferred. I´ll miss E. Olguin, but I´ve been sent back to the city, in Obregón, a city about 20 times larger than Huatabampo that has 2 zones of missionaries. I´m with E. Mooney (from Reno, Nevada, my first gringo companion), and we´re in the Juárez area, in charge of the zone Obregón México. E. Mooney has 3 months left in the mission, but he´s still doing well. I´m completely psyched (one of the main reasons being our house--much cleaner, with a decent paint job, air conditioning, a decent even if not complete kitchen, a REFRIGERATOR, and a WASHING MACHINE--6 months washing by hand, adios). I´ve also always heard good things about Obregón, and E. Beeston, the missionary there before me, left a reputation that will be hard to live up to. He was a great missionary, and for the first time in my entire mission, I´m arriving in an area that is already well developed.

But, I will miss a few things from Huatabampo. E. Olguin, obviously--he´s got to be one of the funniest people I´ve met in my entire life, not to mention he´s an awesome teacher. Also, quite a few people. I was actually surprised at how many people wanted to take pictures with me or say goodbye. It was kind of strange. But honestly, if I was able to learn one thing in Huatabampo, it was more about Mexican culture and how to love the Mexican people. Among other things.

The very good news is that we baptized this last week. Remember the massive family that I mentioned about 5 months ago? We had been teaching them off and on for a lot of time, until one of the family members came back to live in Huatabampo after studying in a university in Obregón. We started focusing on her a bit more (she´s actually the young woman I mentioned last week), and even though the entire family loves us a lot, she started progressing much faster. She came to General Conference (she took notes and everything), she´s starting 2 Nephi right now, and has an Institute manual to help, and is loving it all. I asked her a few minutes before her baptism, "Why do you want to get baptized?" She replied that she had never felt before the way she feels as when she came to Church. She said she truly desires to be a better person and knows that the Gospel will help her do so. She´s a true convert.

After the baptismal service, E. Olguin and I were walking home when I suddenly felt the Spirit. I had already felt it in the service, but in that moment I could feel it testify to me that I had fulfilled the Lord´s plan for me in Huatabampo in that moment. I had fulfilled it, and I wasn´t surprised at all when we found out the next day that I was leaving. It´s a very good feeling, knowing that you´ve done what the Lord has expected of you.

Hope everything is going well at home. I´m happy here. Even if things are heating up.

Elder Humbert

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