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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1.12.11 SLC South Mission

It is cold. Really cold. Like, 15 degrees. But the upside is that I was given a trenchcoat (yup, trench) and gloves by the mission office, which I will return when I leave. Also, we have a car every other week. So I'm doing fine when it comes to that. Yeah, all of my clothing needs were addressed when I arrived at the mission office--we (all the Mexico-bound visa waiters) were greeted by the mission presidency and fed breakfast last Saturday morning. We were shortly interviewed, had a picture taken, and I went off with my new companions.

And I've had a couple opportunities to teach. Although the first few days were a little crazy. The day I arrived, Elder Erekson was called on the cell (yeah, we have cells. We're spoiled. I hope Mexico is less . . . accomodating. I don't want to be doted on my entire mission. And if I get fed this often by members every day, I'm going to gain weight quick, which is also annoying), and was told by the zone leaders that there's another Elder (Fariente) in the hospital for kidney problems. So, I had to be taken by them to the sick Elder's companion (Livingston), who is also sick (flu). I had to stay with him for a while, but he chose to go out working anyway. I agreed, and we went to a teaching appointment, walking there in the 10 degree weather. Geez, he's a hard worker. And he's only been out a few months. But anyway, we were teaching this man named . . . Cameron, and did so on his front porch while he smoked a cigarette. It was pretty cool--I felt the Spirit, that's for sure, even if he was in the middle of smoking. Gah, I love TEACHING!

The next day, though, I was returned to my original companions, and returned to the normal inactivity that we normally deal with. I've been studying and working diligently, but for some reason, they just don't want to. Kind of annoying. But I'm planning on changing it soon. I guess I'll just have to be more outspoken about my excitement.

Please pray for the visa to arrive soon--I need all the prayers I can get. I like working in this mission, but wow do I want to get to Mexico. And apparently the normal waiting period is 2 months, but I hope I can cut that down. Anyway, adios!

Elder Humbert

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