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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brok received his visa on Monday, January 17th, and has successfully arrived in Mexico. This letter and photo were received from his mission president.

Dear Humbert Famliy,

I hope that you are enjoying the blessing of our heavenly father. We too are enjoying the same enthusiasm here, as we are in the service of the lord.

Monday January 17th we had the great pleasure to receive your son Elder Humbert, who will serve in this mission. We are very grateful to have your son in our mission. He has been assigned to work in the area Satelite, in the city Hermosillo, with his Companion Elder Cancino. We ask for all your support to encourage your son in his work, giving him ideas of how to find people to baptize every week. This is the goal of our mission, to baptize every week. We ask that in your letters and emails to him that you express great enthusiasm and great news from the family. Confide in the promises of the lord and your family shall receive the blessings that you need. In 1st Timothy 4:16 it says that those that serve save themselves, save those that listen, and we can also add, ‘’those that sent their sons to serve’’, this includes the family. Your family shall receive many blessings for the work of your missionary.

President and Sister Velez

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