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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.10.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico

Speaking of work, these past few weeks have been much different than the past few months. I´ve always worked all day, every day, but the first months were still kind of tough. I didn´t waste time, I never have, but I have never had the desire I have now to keep working ALL day. I wake up anxious to work. It´s awesome. The only downside is that time goes by faster.

But we´re finally having more success here in Navojoa. The first person in almost half a year got baptized on Saturday. Let´s just say that the person we gave a blessing to a few weeks ago was healed and eventually accepted baptism. Their life is also noticeably improved.

But I will tell the story of how we got delayed for a while. On Saturday, we got to the chapel to clean and fill up the font. We started cleaning but soon discovered that there was no running water in the entire chapel. We found a water (. . . I don´t remember the word . . . valve?) and opened it up. We went back to fill the font. No water pressure whatsoever. Nada. The font had filled up about 1% after an hour.

People started arriving and we had to tell them that we would have to go to the other chapel to perform the baptism. We went, and had to clean the font there that for some reason attracts crickets and cockroaches. Gross. But the water was clean. We cleaned EVERYTHING, a LOT.

The font was filled. At the last moment, the person that was going to get baptized changed their mind. Then they changed their mind again. A member of the Bishopric wasn´t there to preside, so we had to wait a little longer, with me worrying the entire time about another change of opinion on baptism. The Bishop arrived. With almost no one there, we started the service. They were baptized after I had been going nuts and preparing the service for 6 hours.

That was the first weekend in a while that I just wanted to sit down and yell like crazy until it all stopped. But it all worked out. Gah.

Pte. came this last week for another Zone Conference. We´re having those pretty often now. He talked a lot about E. Scott´s conference talk, "The Tranforming Power of Faith and Character." It was awesome. I would say more, but time is running out. I´d recommend that talk for everyone.

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