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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10.3.11 -- Navojoa, Mexico


How some people travel when they can´t afford bus tickets.

The shoe horns are awesome. I can smell my shoes now. And the Odwalla bars too. Although I didn´t get to enjoy the Chocolate Walnut one. That deserves a story.

We went to an OXXO (like a Mexican 7-11) to ask for change for the bus. There was an old homeless man out front. We went in, went out, and went to the nearby bus stop. I sat there for a moment, thought, "Na, I obviously can´t give him money, because he´ll buy beer or tequila, and I don´t have anything to give him." I then remembered the Odwalla bar in my backpack. My mind went through a split second of "no, yes, no, yes, ah, but they taste so good and I haven´t tried that one yet and it´s the only one I have" followed by one part of my mind telling the other, "You`re an idiot. Give it to him."

Oh, and I guess this could also be characterized as the whole angel on one shoulder, devil on the other thing.

The devil part than said, "Na, he deserves to not have anything. He´s a drunk." The angel part then pulled out the big guns and completely destroyed the other part by using King Benjamin´s address from the Book of Mormon. It was like the angel-stereotype-thing recited every verse in my head. I pulled out the Odwalla Bar, walked over, and gave it to him. Things that like that are becoming progressively easier to do. I like it.

Want to know how to say cheesy, corny, or melodramatic in Spanish? Cursi, pronounced cour-see. I can use that a lot here.

The meeting with Pte was awesome. I don´t miss homework, but I loved being a student again.

I also unfortunately missed a lot of Conference because we didn´t have any way to watch it on Saturday, and we spent Sunday preparing a baptismal service for the other elders in our district. But we´re just about to sacrifice a few hours of P-day to watch a few speakers. Elder Holland is first on the list. I love that guy.

Let me tell the story I wanted to tell the last week. We´ve been teaching someone recently. They love the Book of Mormon, but has had trouble lately with the fact that they can be completely cleaned of their sins. Apparently the feeling of shame was just too much.

We prepared the lesson, with every scripture of the Book of Mormon that speaks of Christ´s infinite Atonement. Apparently the Bible had given them faith in Christ, but not enough. We read the scriptures. The Spirit came. It testified. Their heart was softened. Tears came to their eyes. "Do you really think I can be cleaned?" Their voice was pained, but there was some hope there. I looked them in the eyes. "Yes. And it´s just not me that knows that. God knows you can do it. And you do to. You just don´t want to accept it." They looked back down. E. Cheron testified, then I did. At the end of the lesson, their faith had grown enough to believe in an infinite Atonement. Yeah. Good stuff.


Elder Humbert

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