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Monday, October 24, 2011

10.24.11 -- Navojoa


The first photo is for Andre. I had to take the picture while walking, to avoid looking like a tourist, and that´s why it´s not that great, but hey, a reference to Superman.

The second is an old man that LOVES the missionaries. E. Villa and I visited him one time a few months ago, and he´s loved us ever since. He´s getting kinda old, but he´s awesome. I saw that he was sitting alone in sacrament meeting, so I went to go sit next to him. He greeted me, and shook my hand. And then he never let go (for Ryan--"never finish a handshake"--Andy). By the way, he has a FIRM handshake. He sat there the entire hour slowly moving my hand up and down while staring at the speakers and saying "Buenos días" every time that one of the speakers started their talk. He also said "Amén" every time someone said "en el nombre de Jesucristo," even if it wasn´t a prayer. My hand was entirely red by the end of the hour. But it was cool. I love this guy.

And I´ll miss him. And a lot of other members. Becuase I´M GETTING TRANSFERRED! Yeah! I wasn´t expecting it, but I´m going to another area in my zone to be a district leader, in Huatabampo, the southernmost area of the entire mission. It´s a tiny city, about half the size of Navojoa, and I´m going there with a few other new missionaries to help out. Haha, it was funny how E. Mila (he´s an assistant now) told me that I was getting transferred. I could tell he didn´t want to hurt my ego, but I´m good with it. Being a zone leader doesn´t mean too much, and I´m apparently needed in Huatabampo. Although I will miss going to Hermosillo every month.

I also felt like I did my part in Aeropuerto. I left the area stronger than it was, and we finished the transfer baptizing the young son of a formerly inactive family. His older brother got to baptize him, and they will NOT go inactive.

By the way, we only go to the temple if we baptize 5 people in a month. But I´m going to be honest--I´m not a crazy baptizer. And I will never baptize for a number. That is a sin.

But I really miss the Sacramento Temple. So awesome.

Anyway, adios. I´ll fill you all in about what Huatabampo is like next week.

Elder Humbert

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