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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11.21.11 -- Huatabampo


Just a quick look of one of the tiny towns on the outskirts of Huatabampo that we visit.

For Andre--thank you very, very much for the email and you were right about the laughing my butt off. Gah. And don´t worry about rambling. I love to hear from home no matter how strange it is. I miss you man. Unfortunately, my response will be a bit slow in arriving. And did Shaun get his letter as well? Also, my comp says that yes, you do look Mexican. And I say hi to everyone else from home, and JD, thanks for reading my blog.

And another thing--Grandma reminded me that it was Thanksgiving. So here´s my list, a part of all the things. ALL of my family (every single person, especially the nephews and nieces), the true gospel that has the entire truth, the Book of Mormon, an awesome family again, for being able to speak English, for shoes, for feet that don´t blister too easily, for friends, for BYU, for my leaders, for shirts that don´t turn yellow in the sun (Stafford is a really good brand), for air conditioning, for Preach My Gospel, for the ability to speak Spanish, for Mexican food, for American food (but not for American food in Mexico), for a lot of things. For prayer, for General Conference talks, for patriarchal blessings, for personal progression, for personal revelation (I taught about that in district meeting this week), for my converts, for my chance to be a missionary, to finally have electricity and hot water in our house, for metal pens that can be used to knock doors, for post-its, for books, for a ton of things.

A ton of things. But unfortunately, all I´ll be able to do to celebrate is probably eat a few turkey hot dogs (just to say I ate turkey, even though I really don´t like hot dogs) and reread Pres. Monson´s talk of "The Divine Gift of Gratitude." I love General Conference Ensigns.

I will enjoy attending the Spanish Branch at home. It´ll be interesting seeing the difference between Sonoran and American Spanish.

And the best spanish hymn is "Te hallaré mi querido amigo." Look it up.

One of my converts bore her testimony in Navojoa this last week in Sacrament meeting. The other elders there called to tell me. Awesome feeling.

Something cool this week--we all talked in Sacrament Meeting, every elder. I had prepared a talk, but every other missionary talked about weak things becoming strong. We hadn´t organized a theme or anything, but they all talked about that. I listened, said a little prayer, and then felt like I needed to leave my notebook in my seat. I got up, and like Nephi, went to speak, "not knowing beforehand the things which I should do." I don´t remember if that´s the way it´s said in English or not. I also spoke of weak things becoming strong, and it was so strange and cool to feel the words coming without thinking.

Good week. Enjoy Thanksgiving for me. And the football. Ah, football.


Elder Humbert

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