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Saturday, November 12, 2011

11.7.11 -- Huatabampo

Rough English translation:
It is not possible that the problems of the world will be solved by skeptics or pessimists, whose horizons are limited by obvious realities. We need men that can dream of things that never have been done and ask the question, why not?


Nope, I don´t get the ward newsletter.

E. Mooney is crazy. Someone translate this quote, it´s awesome. And my shoes after one year.

Sonora is the only state in Mexico that doesn´t have daylight savings time.

Oh. Yeah. I´ve been out for a year. Weird.

E. Cruz says hi as well. Although it´s said a little differently in Spanish (él manda saludos, or literally, he sends greetings).

The town is about the size of . . . I don´t know. Probably a little bigger than our ward boundaries. It´s not that big. But we know why we´re here. We´re going to make this branch into a ward. But we have to work our butts off to do it. The number of people of coming is about the size of Tempo Park´s Relief Society. Although more than 3/4 of the branch here is Relief Society. What we have to do is relax on the focus on investigators and also strengthen the members. We have so much power here in Huatabampo, and the members depend on us. We have to change that, so that when the hard working missionaries go, the branch stays strong. I´m tired of seeing lists and lists of less actives that were baptized and then forgotten.

We also had District Conference this week. Huatabampo, Etchojoa, Villa Juarez, and Bacobampo. The attendance was a little less than half of the normal Tempo Park sacrament meeting.

Your view on the church changes when you´re no longer in a stable ward. And there´s a lot more work. We have so much to do. The missionaries´ responsablities are so different here, compared to the US. It´s harder, but we learn so much more.

Other things--I ate the fattiest tacos I´ve ever had in my life this week. I had to perform minor surgery on my toe with a pair of toenail clippers and hydrogen peroxide (it´s healing nicely). We have bikes now--no gears, really heavy, but they´re nice. One of my best friends in the mission (a member from Aeropuerto in Navojoa) baptized one of my old investigators and one of his friends this week. He got sealed to his wife in the temple the day before, a little more than a year after his own baptism. I am so happy for them. I miss Taylor, Asher, Luke, Zoey, and Gwendolyn, even if I haven´t met her.

Also, Andre, everyone here loves your Nike bag.

That´s it.

Elder Humbert

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