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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11.28.11 -- Huatabampo


This sign is a lie. "Mexicans also live the passion of American football." Na. Just fútbol.

Also, E. Cruz looks weird when he paints. It was worth the hour of service in mission clothes to take that picture. Bahaha

A few things. We worked our butts off in the week again, but we didn´t see very many results. That was kind of annoying, but we were blown away in Sacrament Meeting. A ton of people came, twice as much as the other times. I t´s awesome to see recent converts and less actives come, and realize that they were actually missing something. It´s what I´ve learned to recognize in the mission. The Spirit is so easily felt in the homes of people that do what they´re supposed to, and it´s obviously absent in the other homes that aren´t so . . . I don´t know what the word is. I love that I´ve learned to do that. It´s cool, to say the least.

Also, the other family we found in Navojoa a few months ago were baptized. I felt like crying again. But I didn´t. But I really, really wanted to. I love my converts.

A funny experience with a drunk--we got onto a bus to go to a little town on the outskirts of Huatabampo. A drunk guy saw us and called out, "Hermanos!" He then asked me some question about the last thing that Christ did in the Bible when he . . . I don´t remember. I didn´t understand him too much because of his drunk accent, but I responded that I didn´t remember. He then got up and sat next to me the whole 20 minute bus ride, and began to tell me all the things that he´s learned from the Bible that I don´t know. I just took out a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and a pocket Book of Mormon. I handed him the pamphlet, read the BoM, and didn´t say a single word the entire time he talked. When he got off the bus, everyone looked over at me (something like 25 people). "You have a ton of patience," they told me. I just laughed. That was weird. But I felt sorry for the guy.

Elder Humbert

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