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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12.12.11 -- Huatabampo

Hey o,
I also miss all of the organization of the Church. What normally happens when there´s an activity here is that when we get there, everyone is all over the place, a few people know what´s going on and are trying as hard as they can to get everyone ready, and then we get there and speed everything up with a few more hands. And feet.
We also have a new elder in the zone from St. George. He´s fresh out of the MTC and hardly knows any Spanish. Ah, I remember those times. They sucked, even if I appreciate how much I learned. Also, he´s the first member of his family to go on a mission. He likes the mission, and is being trained by E. Cheron in Villa Juarez.
E. Gonzalez is doing well. He´s a good elder, even though at times I´m surprised at times by how much different he is than me. He´s really new in the mission, and lets me see how much I´ve progressed. It´s crazy. I feel the same, really, but . . . I don´t know how to describe it. Maybe a picture would help--one from the beginning and one from this week.
As for what we did in the mission for Christmas is that we all went to Obregón for a multi-zone conference/party thing. We all watched special numbers or sketches from every district. But seeing as how I found out 2 hours before the conference/party, we all just got up on stage and sang "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing." Yup. It wasn´t that great, but hey, at least I now know that I have lost almost all fear of embarrassing myself doing dumb things in front of other people that aren´t very well organized. That will be very useful in the future.
We also had a piñata. That´s apparently always done at Christmas. This elder had no idea where the piñata was.
And this picture is just awesome.
Finally, we had a lesson more in depth about faith with one of our investigators that has learned EVERYTHING, but just needs to wait a little bit more. Everyone knows the normal definition of faith (believing in something that can´t be seen), but that´s not it. Faith isn´t obeying and receiving blessings. It is not give and receive. It is give everything, always, not receiving anything, and continuing on anyway. Not because it gives results, but because we know it´s true. I would write more. But there´s no time. I wrote the P.S. thing before this, strangely enough.
Elder Humbert

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