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Monday, December 5, 2011

12.5.11 -- Huatabampo

Pics first--we had a family home evening Monday night with one of the families here. Awesome. Although the Grandma likes acting like she´s mean. But she´s nice, as long as you really know her. And the roof in our house is really low at points. We also found a few kids one day playing baseball in a dirt field. An appointment had just fallen through, along with our backup plan, so we went, played 30 minutes (I had two runs), and invited them all to mutual. Awesome. And . . . I enjoyed the Christmas devotional in English, alone in my little room with the satelite receiver.
There was also a little typewriter sitting in that room. I wanted to take it, but I didn´t want to take it all the way back to our house from the chapel in my lap on my bike.
And by the way, E. Cruz got transferred. He went to Caborca, and E. Gonzalez arrived in his place. He´s from Puebla, and I´m his second companion in the field. I´ll send pictures next time.

A few things . . . Pte. is thinking about making another zone out of all the little villages in the southern part of the mission (Huatabampo, Etchojoa, Villa Juarez, Bacobampo). Who knows what´s going to happen.
We started having mutual here again. We (the missionaries) run almost everything, and I feel like I´m prematurely turning into a Young Men´s President with all the youth here. Unfortunately, I´m still horrible at soccer and everybody destroys me. Even the little kids. It´s funny, really.
We were in Gospel Principles class, and it was E. Cruz´s turn to teach. But about 20 minutes into the class, he looked at me and I could easily read his expression--he had no material left. That was interesting, teaching 20 more minutes with zero preperation. But it was cool. One of things I´ve learned in the mission is how to keep on talking about the same thing for a long time, using different scriptures, different interpretations, and a lot of unecessary words to say the same thing but still teach. Although I can switch back to the other method of teaching pretty quick too (teaching things quickly and directly). That´s cool.
I´m still learning a ton, and that´s what I´m liking a lot about being in a branch. We do more here, even if at times it´s a little intimdating. But it´s all good.
I don´t have as much material this week because I didn´t have space in my planner to write down the notes of all the things that I was going to write. But it´s all good. Adios
Elder Humbert

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