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Friday, December 23, 2011

12.19.11 -- Huatabampo


Check it out. We have El Pollo Loco here too. But it´s a little different. Also, check out some of the fields behind Huatabampo. We were going to a food appointment in one of the little villages on the outskirts of town, and it is beautiful out there. Also, check out the typical Mexican taco stand. You can see the carne asada, the instestine, peppers, green onions, and the other miscallaneous organs in the lower left hand corner (including the heart, kidneys, and other strange meats).

Anyway, news of the week and a few spiritual experiences. We don`t have a fridge. Ours died last week and we´ve survived. Although I really miss having milk with my oatmeal in the morning. Water isn`t as tasty.

We went to go eat with a man this week that has only recently been coming to church. The other elders have been working with him, but we got a chance to help him out too. After eating, I pulled out my scriptures, and we began to talk about repentance. I obviously will not repeat everything, but pretty much all of the questions and answers all centered on the redeeming power of the Atonement. So many people believe in Christ, but sometimes feel that they`re so weak that Jesus´ sacrifice can`t help them entirely out. That`s what I was telling myself at the beginning of the mission as well. But that`s where the faith comes in. Anyway, we kept talking, and Isaiah 1:18, Alma 36, and D&C 58 especially helped. As we finished teaching, we all could feel the Spirit, and I could see in the man´s eyes that he could too, and even if wasn`t completely confident of his ability to repent, he was helped enormousely. He asked me, "How old are you?" "20." I didn`t ask him why he asked me that, and I honestly don`t know why, but that still surprises me a lot. There is no way that 19, 20, or 21 year old boys would be able to do this work if it wasn´t true.
We had a leadership meeting in the Church a few weeks ago (when I was still with E. Cruz), and we were the two people that were teaching in the meeting. The branch president passed it off to us, and we began to speak of the importance of preparation, and what one can do when the circumstances change and there´s no more planned material to use (bear testimony--see D&C 100:5-8). Everyone in the room shared a short, one line testimony. The Spirit came. All felt it. It was awesome.

Adios. Feliz Navidad and Happy Hannukah

Elder Humbert

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