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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1.2.12 -- Huatabampo

I forgot last week, but please thank Bishop Weight and Andre for sending me emails last week. Andre, you guys look great. Good work
We served this week. For the first time in Mexico, I got to use a machete. Awesome.
As for spiritual experiences, I remember a story from E. Bednar. He said that as he travels the world on Church business, he always asks converts about what they remember from the lessons that the missionaries taught them. He said of all the answers, the most common is, "I remember absolutely nothing about what they taught. But I remember that I felt the Spirit, even if I didn´t know what that was at the time."
This week, we went with the large familythat we´re currently teaching. We asked them why they liked our visits so much. "We wait for you two every week! With all of the other people that have come, well, we listen to them, but we don´t feel anything like we do like when we´re with you two."
I want to write more. But I have to go now. Adios--and Feliz Año.
Elder Humbert

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