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Monday, January 23, 2012

1.23.12 -- Huatabampo


The weather here is awesome as well. It´s like California in October. And I´m cold at times. How weird. I am going to die when I go back to Provo. I´m not exaggerating. I´m pretty sure that I will.

Elder Roedel, I loved your email. I can already see that you´ve been changed by the mission. And that a US mission is much different than a Mexican one. Love ya, man. Good luck with your investigators.

Speaking of investigators, I accidentally wrote "investigadores" in my journal one night. I´m thinking in Spanish now. It´s funky.

This is the little kid I met in Navojoa--he´s a little older. He can finally pronounce the word "misioneros," which he tells to every other elder, but I´m still "el bato." "Bato," roughly translated, means dude. Or something like that.

We found a broken window filled in with tape. We have fun with the dumbest things.

. . . . I like missionary stories. Speaking of which, I found out on transfer day that a few of my converts in Hermosillo have callings now. Gah, that feels so good. So flippin´good.

I got to go out to Villa Juarez (1.5 hours from Huatabampo) this week to interview one of E. Cheron´s investigators. I love interviews so much. I don´t think the Spirit is felt as strongly in any other mission related activity.

Speaking of which, we had a zone meeting in Etchojoa this week, and E. Olguin taught a bit about inviting investigators to baptism. We did a few practice invitations, and one was especially good. He told E. Treviño (the investigator) to not say anything until the Spirit told him to. E. Cheron, the play missionary, extended the invitation and we all watched. No one said anything for about a minute. Complete silence. After a few moments, I felt a familiar Spirit enter the room. I felt like no one was breathing. E. Treviño looked at E. Cheron, and quietly said, almost whispering, "Sí."

The eternal investigator (I don´t like writing names on the Internet) loves us, if nothing else. He´s a very good man.

Elder Humbert

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