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Monday, February 13, 2012

1.30.12 Huatabampo


Football face.

And by the way--everything we learn is just a reminder. We all learned everything in the Spirit world about God´s Plan and knowledge, we just get reminded of it by the Spirit here on Earth. But the difference is that we have bodies and we´re not in the presence of God (or right now we´re in the field instead of the MTC), so we learn a little bit more than before.

I was thinking about the Spanish ward the other day as well. I´m going to be honest, the Gospel is never going to sound the same in English. I plan on attending the Spanish ward at least 2 times a month when I get home--I also do NOT want to forget Spanish. That is a massive blessing that I do not want to lose.

The week--E. Cirne and E. Garcia baptized a small family this week. The family is super excited and is going to help the branch in Etchojoa a lot. Along with a woman that E. Cheron baptized in Villa Juarez--I interviewed her, and she passed with flying colors.

I taught Gospel Principles this week, on agency. It was cool--and also doubled in size because the teacher of the youth didn´t come. It´s strange, teaching so many people and having them pay attention. I love feeling the Spirit.

Oh, and I haven´t had a fridge for a month. But we do have electricity. And hunger.

We had Zone Conference with Pte. this week. He all invited us to breakfast beforehand--fish tacos (Mexican breakfast normally isn´t cereal--it´s more like bacon and eggs). We were all eating, with the waitress going crazy because she had never seen so many people in her . . . I guess the right word would be restaurant. And because we were eating so much. Pte. was eating, looked around, and suddenly said, "E. Humbert, you´re the only American in the entire zone!" Yeah. Kind of weird. I´m outnumbered. Good thing I´m not racist.

We got to teach in the meeting--E. Olguin about the role of the Spirit in conversion, and me about setting a baptismal date-- and were also interviewed. I won´t say everything, but Pte looked at me at one point and said (I don´t know what we were talking about before hand), "If you look for it, I promise you that you will see the semblance of Jesus Christ in the face of the people. Do you love the people?" I nodded and said that I did. "I promise you that you can do it. Look for it. Don´t see people. See their potential." (See D&C 67:10)

Spiritual week. Talk to you all later--

Elder Humbert

Also look up 1 Nephi 14: 12,14. We are few, but we´re fighting

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