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Monday, February 13, 2012

2.13.12 Huatabampo


You know what else I miss from home? Football and the comic strip "Pearls Before Swine."

And as for the pictures, we had a multi zone conference this week. E. Paustenbaugh and E. Jarman got to testify, since they´re going home in two weeks. E. Paustenbaugh knows more Spanish than any other white guy I know, but he can´t seem to get rid of his Oklahoma accent. I saw E. Jarman many times when I was at BYU but I never talked to him. E. Paustenbaugh shared something I enjoyed a lot.

"My comp and I were walking in the street when a car passed by with a couple people showing us a few things with their hands, especially with one of their fingers. My mind immediately began to think of what I could have said to them when my comp turned to me and said, "This is when it´s really hard to love people and desire their salvation (PMG p. 6)" I was surprised. I was thinking of things to tell them, but my comp was thinking about loving people that obviously didn´t love us. I´ve realized in the mission that to really change, the most important things are love and diligence--I would advise all of you to think about that. Love for the people will be rewarded with success and people."

He continued. I enjoyed it a lot. Oh, he trained E. Roberts, by the way.

One more story. We went to a bike shop to get my flat tire repaired when a young man came over and sat near us. He had a small container filled with paint in his hand. Here in Mexico (along with the US), when the drug addicts can´t afford their normal addictions, they buy paint and inhale the fumes to get high. He was 23 years old, and completely wasted. He was harmless, and just stared at us with empty eyes. "Elders, los elders," he would say, along with random shouts of, "Gloria a Dios!" He asked us to pray for him. We told him we would. He would open the paint jar and take a few breaths. After a few minutes, he got up and left. My bike was repaired and we continued on. I don´t know why, but remembering E. Paustenbaugh´s story, I left loving the people more. Pity, love, I don´t know, but there are so many people in the world that need the gospel.

Time. Adios.

Elder Humbert

Yup, we have electricity. But no fridge. Oatmeal with water in raisins in the morning. And Odwalla bars (THANK YOU)

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