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Monday, February 13, 2012

2.6.12 Huatabampo


I made pizza last week during a FHE. It took really long (since I made 5), but everyone liked them. Especially the cream cheese filled crust. I still do my exercise every morning, but Mexico is pretty much killing my diet.

We went to Hermosillo and we got to go through the temple. So great. I understand a lot more in Spanish now than the last time, but it had been so long I felt like it was the first time again. Also, while walking around outside, I saw a few flowers that look exactly like the ones at home. That was cool. I miss Hermosillo a lot, I´m going to be honest.

I also got a letter from the family that I found and left in Hermosillo. I had written them a while ago, but I was so happy when I got their response. I won`t write everything, but let´s just say that my favorite part was, "Our favorite missionaries are Humbert, Rivas, and Mckenna. . ." Haha. I love that family. My other converts are doing okay as well.

E. Rivas is still in Hermosillo. He´s doing very well. I hadn`t seen him for a while . . . He doesn`t like smiling in pictures very much, but he´s a very good missionary. He´s with E. Roberts right now.

What I enjoyed the most of the week was learning about "Learning by Faith," and using one of the examples in a lesson we had in the week. The talk was given by E. Bednar about 6 years ago and it´s great. When we teach, we must do so by the Spirit. When we learn, we must do so by faith. That has 3 parts--assurance, action, and evidence. We learn and feel assured that something is right, which leads to the action, followed by the blessings as part of the evidence. I´m sure everybody understands this, but E. Bednar organizes it much better than any missionary I`ve met. We have to understand how people learn before teaching effectively.

In the week, we taught using an example from the Bible--in Matthew 14 when Peter jumps out of the boat to walk to Jesus, as he walked towards them on the water. At times we`re the people who see miracles, but do nothing about them. At times we`re the people that use that faith and knowledge that has been acquired through learning to jump out of the boat and experience the miracles firsthand. We just have to make sure to keep having faith afterwards, instead of being afraid and sinking.

I´d like to explain more, but out of time. And I don`t teach anything new, anyway, since you`ve all learned this before anyway, I´m pretty sure.

Elder Humbert

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