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Monday, May 7, 2012

5.2.12 -- Obregón

Thanks for the package, by the way. But when I saw it, I was on the verge of finding a Mexican postal worker and just laying into them. Because as you can see, they revised it. Gah, annoying. Very, very annoying. But all good. Everything got through.
We had a multi-zone conference this week. Here´s everyone from Obregón México--the other zone is Obregón Nainari (I don´t know why it´s called that, though, since "Nainari" is a native word for "lice." Then again, that was originally just the stake´s name).

One of the original adobe mud brick houses here in the city. And grafitti.

Anyway. Since we´re headed to Concilio in Hermosillo in a few minutes, I have to be brief.
I vomited for the first time in my mission on Wednesday. Not fun. Projectile vomit. And we had to stay home all day--but I felt fine on Thursday, so went out to work again. I don´t know what happened--I didn´t eat anything and I get all vitamin/mineral stuff--you know, those things that are supposed to keep you healthy.
I was reading in Increase in Learning in the week and I got to a part that speaks of the gift of discernment of spirits--when we have such a gift, we are perfectly in tune with the Light of Christ, and can always discern between good and evil. But it is not just limited to that. When we have the gift of discernment, we are also able to discern the good in everything. Every member of the Church is entitled to this gift. I didn´t really get it all at first but then it hit me--optimism is a principle of the gospel. Just something small from my studies in the week.
We visited a few older people in a very far away neighborhood this week. The older sister had fallen a few weeks before and was still a little hurt. Her home teachers had already come and given her a blessing, but they hadn´t been visited in about a week. We knocked on the door and she answered. She saw us and her face just lit up. She got really excited and immediately invited us in. Haha, just because we´re elders and we came to visit her. Awesome feeling.
On Monday night, we went to go visit a family that E. Beeston and E. Mooney baptized about 2 months ago. The sons are 19 and 17. Only the mom and the 17 year old were home, but we came over and the conversation eventually turned to the mission. What followed was an hour long lesson about the blessings of serving a mission and the necessary preperation in order to serve one. The Spirit was very strong in the room and we looked at the young man. I promised him that whatever he sacrifices in order to serve a mission, the Lord would bless him with more than what he could ever imagine, more than any other thing he would have to leave at home. He nodded his head and said that he knew what I had said was true--the elders had promised them things like that in their conversion process, and because it was a promise made in the Spirit, they had all been fulfilled. We know he´ll be going on a mission. And he´s going to be GREAT.
Sorry if I´m writing really fast and any small ability to write eloquently is not present right now. I´m writing quick. But anyway--adios.

Elder Humbert

 My shoes. Awesome, huh?

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