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Monday, May 28, 2012

5.28.12 Obregon

Happy Memorial Day. It doesn´t exist here, but I do enjoy celebrating anything that has to do with patriotism with E. Carlson--here´s a picture of him explaining how the U.S. would have destroyed Russia if anything had happened in the Cold War to all the Mexican elders in the few minutes we had before district leader meeting started.

And does anyone know about the place Smash Burger? Here´s the Mexican rip off. When Mexicans say words that start with "s," they say it as if they put an "e" in front. So Joseph Smith is commonly pronounced like "José E-smith."

Here´s the massive hot dog from last week, with a "normal" Sonoran hot dog at it´s left.

Some people from the water company came this week and "kindly" installed a new water meter for us. Unfortunately, they installed it wrong, so we didn´t have water for a few days. I hope they´re fixing it right now. Here we are in the tiny park in the front of the house "borrowing" water to bathe with. The downside is that the bucket is tiny and we have to go out to fill it up every time we want to do ANYthing that has to do with water.

In other news (or the most important news)--last week, we went up to a young man in Church that we´ve been teaching for a little while. He´s been coming to Church off and on for a few months, but when we started teaching him, he really started doing more. We invited him to baptism 2 weeks ago for the 26th of May, and he accepted. But E. Mooney and I felt that we might have been pressuring him--and we obviously didn´t want to do so. Anyway, when we went up to him on Sunday, we asked him last Sunday, "How do you feel about the 26th?" We asked him straight out if he felt rushed or anything. He just looked at us and said, "No, I feel good about it. I already invited my Mom and I feel ready." We just sat there and I thought, "Wow. Well, that´s cool."
We cleared up all his doubts and questions in the week, and got everything ready for the weekend. He asked me to baptize him, and we´ve got the Young Men working with us to keep strengthening his testimony. His Mom was very supportive, and says she wants to be more serious when it comes to teaching her as well as her son, since she just used to say she couldn´t listen because of being so tired at night. But she felt the Spirit in the service, that´s for sure.
When he came up out of the water, he looked at me and asked, "That´s it?" "Yeah, that´s it." "Wow." Yeah. The act is quick, but the effects are a bit longer lasting.
The ward is helping us out a lot. I am so thankful for that. Especially since it´s getting hotter.

Elder Humbert

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