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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5.21.12 Obregon


Teaching is awesome. I`m getting better, even if I haven´t reached a super high level yet--I improved a lot with E. Olguin. That guy, honestly, is one of the best teachers I have ever seen in my life--better than most adults. He knew how to put himself into other people´s shoes. I`m using what I learned with him now.

The zone is okay. E. Valdez and E. Ruiz baptized this week and I was fortunate enough to be able to conduct the interview. It was incredible. Some of the most spiritual experiences I´ve had in the mission have been interviews. The Spirit is so strong there--but the responsibility as well--the person that got baptized is a true convert.

E. Mooney is also great. This is his last transfer (today was transfers--we´re staying), and he wants to finish strong. I want to help him do so as well.

One of my converts from Huatabampo went to the temple last week to do baptisms for the dead. E. Beeston, currently in my first zone (he was actually in Satélite with E. Cancino a transfer before I got there) tells me that one of my converts there is possibly going to be sealed in the temple soon. Awesome. Let´s see what happens.

Also, I want to write two stories related to your one last week--in Huatabampo, E. Olguin and I were teaching a 10-year-old that we had invited to the Church. He went every week, without our help, whether finding a ride with a member or riding his little bicycle all the way to the chapel. We met with his parents, taught them (this is actually the little family I wrote about a month or so ago--the dad whose expression changed in the lesson), and all was going well. They gave him permission to be baptized a month ago, and has kept going to Church. E. Olguin told me that they were in a lesson and he said the closing prayer--he prayed that the Lord would help his parents go to Church and make the decision of becoming baptized as well. Apparently the parents immediately softened, even more, after that.

We are also teaching a 13-year-old here. We found her through a sister who constantly has the neighborhood kids telling her that they want her to teach them. We don`t normally dedicate ourselves to teaching kids, since it´s so easy for them to go inactive without parent support, but she´s a bit more responsable than normal kids her age. She can´t go to school because she has to help her Mom wash the clothes, make food for her little brothers, and take care of them when her parents aren´t at work. She works as well. Child labor laws don´t exist (or at least aren´t enforced) here. She´s like a second mom to her brothers and sisters. But she loves to learn. We taught her how to pray, and she went out to teach all of her friends. She says at least one every lesson. She can´t go to school, but she´s making the effort to learn anyway. We just need to meet the parents as soon as possible.

In other news, I ate a hot-dog that was a foot and a half long in about 10-15 minutes this week. I won the contest. Unfortunately I can´t send pics because of this low class ciber place I´m in right now. 


Elder Humbert

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