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Monday, May 7, 2012

5.7.12 -- Obregon

Our ward has a Mother´s Day activity this week. It´s so weird being in a ward that has activities now. I had gotten so used to organizing everything by myself and the other elders.
It got up to 40 degrees Celsius here last week. Crazy. Already heating up.
Let me explain the pictures quickly.
In Hermosillo, E. Church played the piano, E. Valdez the violin (he´s awesome, and has been playing since age 5), and E. Spencer and E. Beeston sang "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul." The main times in my life when I´ve regretted not learning anything about music or singing is when I hear the elders hear play instruments and/or sing--I told E. Spencer so, and he just laughed a little bit. He´s too humble to accept praise. The guy is awesome. I honestly wish you could have heard it back home. I was once again reminded of what E. Bowler, one of my first leaders in the mission, said more than a year ago in a district meeting: "All people can understand two languages--the Spirit, and music."
I made cinnamon rolls at the Velez´ house for concilio. All the elders loved them, as well as Pte. and Hna. Velez.
I bought these AWESOME custom leather scripture cases. E. Olguin knows a guy in his stake in Puebla that makes them. They were completely worth it.
This is a woman that got baptized the Sunday before I got to Obregón, with E. Mooney and E. Beeston, who baptized her. This lady is amazing. She LOVES the scriptures, and told us that she had been waiting for 20 years for someone to come to her home and teach her. She´s been reading the Bible her entire life, and already knew a lot of the truths of the gospel. She invited herself to baptism as soon as possible. We´ve continued to visit her, and she already has her Book of Mormon all marked up. She noticed our scriptures and started asking us about Doctrine and Covenants, and how she can get a hold of new scriptures (her Bible is old and tattered from so much use). We told her that we could get some in Hermosillo, and she asked us about the nice ones that have the tabs on them for being able to find scriptures faster. We told her they were only on the nice ones, and that they were pretty expensive. She expressed dissappointment.
When we got to Hermosillo and were in the Church store, we saw the nice scriptures on the shelf. E. Mooney and I looked at each other. I reached out and grabbed a black triple. He grabbed a Bible. We paid for them and took them to the woman this week. I was carrying them in my backpack, still wrapped in plastic. We had another appointment at that time, so we had to give them to her quickly. She saw them and her face just lit up. I´m not exaggerating when I say this--she told us that that gift was the greatest that she had received since being able to be a part of the Lord´s Church. We quickly had to leave, but came back later in the week.
We came to her door and she was sitting out front on her rocking chair. Next to her, she had a small table with the Bible carefully placed upon a towel. She was reading the triple, which was wrapped in another towel. She told us that she wants to show as much respect to her new scriptures as possible, and that she only wanted to handle them with something on her hands. I was touched. I remembered one of E. Christofferson´s talks--"The Blessing of Scripture." "I feel more complete now," she said.
Cool week. But I unfortunately have run out of time by "quickly" explaining my pictures.
Happy Mother´s Day, everyone. I´m looking forward to talking on Sunday. 
Elder Humbert
P.S. E. Mooney says hi too

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