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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6.4.12 -- Obregon

Yeah, I have to write a little quickly right now. Sorry about that. Going to Hermosillo has its perks, but also it´s downsides. Although I might just be overeacting and thinking that I have less time than I really have.

has anyone eaten a chiltepin yet? (the little dried red peppers I sent home) I want to hear the reaction.

We went over to our convert´s house the other day and the little 8-year-old wanted to mess around with my nametag.

Also, this is called "guamuchi." It´s a weird fruit that doesn´t taste that good.

This past month, Pte. Velez has let me borrow some audio CDs that he has--they´re the recordings of the Seminary for New Mission Presidents, 2011. Unfortunately, they´re all in English, so what he´s been doing is lending them out and having the American missionaries write notes and translate them. I would tell you all the really cool things that I´ve learned, but let me settle right now for something short.
E. Nelson was at one point attending a stake conference, and the speaker was going over time a bit. The stake president started getting antsy, and asked E. Nelson if he should nudge his elbow to get him to end his talk. E. Nelson kept his eyes straight on the speaker and quietly replied, "It doesn´t matter whose lips are moving when the Spirit is speaking."
That quote sums up a lot of things about teaching. When we´ve taught lessons or Gospel Principles class (and priesthood class as well in Huatabampo), we normally don´t finish everything that´s in the manual. It´s not so much about what we have to teach, just what the people learn. I´m positive that students will remember a class where they learned one principle through the Spirit than 10 principles through a person. That´s a lesson you have to learn pretty quick after getting to the mission--it´s one of the first things they teach you in the MTC. So I´ve known about that for a while, but with the time in the mission and that quote by E. Nelson, that knowledge becomes reaffirmed a lot more.
We were doing that this week in a lesson. We were just teaching one of the first principles that we teach (God is our loving Heavenly Father), which normally just consists of that saying that phrase, since most Mexicans normally already know that (it´s very rare to meet an atheist here--we normally only have to teach about the nature of the Godhead). But we just felt that it was necessary to testify of that principle. We were teaching a young woman with a member there accompanying us, and we just simply testified, "You are a daughter of God. He knows you better than you know yourself, and even though you have never seen Him, He is always there." I don´t remember the exact words, but I felt the Spirit testify to her as well as to us. It´s nice to just have your own testimony confirmed again and again, even with the most simple truths of the Gospel. She understood and felt it as well. Awesome.
One question--has Brother (or should I say Bishop? I don´t know what I should officialy say) Newey ever heard of E. Mooney´s family in Reno? Apparently they´re well known there, since E. Mooney, his father, and grandfather are all classic car lovers, and they´re always there in Hot August Nights.
And in response to Andre--thanks for writing, man. I enjoy reading about everything. Make a movie list for me when I get back. And thanks for making fun of Kyle for me, although I already know that you and Steve do it too much anyway. Tell Kyle to not come back with the Barcelona (or Barthelona) lisp. And tell Kellen that I´ll be praying for his Dad. I love you all
Oh, and as for my Spanish, does anyone know the best way to lose a gringo accent when speaking in Spanish? I´ve noticed that as long I´m not nervous when talking to people, I can say and understand almost anything I want, but my accent is horrible--or at least that´s what people tell me. Some tell me I speak like a Mexican and others say I speak like a white guy fresh out of the states. I´m just glad that I´ve been able to learn as much as I have though. I do NOT want to lose my Spanish when I get home.
Anyway, I´ve got to go.
Elder Humbert

And say hi to Sister McGlone for me--she wrote me as well. And tell her that since the heat kills so many plants here that allergies don´t exist. It´s bad, but good.

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