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Sunday, April 3, 2011

3.28.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

Anyway, the pictures. The first is a picture of a family home evening we had with our recent convert and her family and some members from the ward. We would have done the same with Victor (it´s okay if I say his name becuase I´ve already said it, although I´m going to have to start being more confidential in the future. I don´t think people like it when their stories are published on the Internet with their name attached), but he´s single and doesn´t live with his kids. Although he did receive the priesthood last Sunday. Gah, I love that man. He always smiles back when I smile at him. Which is often. Even though he wasn´t very smiley in his baptismal picture. The other photos are of the Cathedral in downtown of Hermosillo and a bill board close to our house. If you can´t already tell, it says "CHRIST RETURNS! 21 OF MAY 2011!" Gah, that makes me laugh.

But this week, we unfortunately did not have any baptisms. But that´s okay. There will be more. My Spanish is better, even though I still know nothing, and my teaching continues to improve. Even though I still want to be better.

And I´ve only gone to the temple once.

One more rambling thought before time runs out. God is eternally progressing, but is perfect and complete at the same time. That´s possible becuase He "progresses" through us, His children, even though He has already reached perfection. He´s happy when we´re happy, and sad when we´re sad. I don´t want to say that I am in any way perfect, but I finally can understand God´s joy when He sees that His children are progressing. I´m happy when I see my investigators progress towards baptism, and I´m ECSTATIC when they are finally baptized. I finally understand the phrase, "This is my work and my glory . . ." I would explain more, and more eloquently, but I´m out of time this week. Adios!

Elder Humbert

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