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Sunday, April 3, 2011

3.21.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

The good news is that I had another baptism this week. Remember when I wrote a few weeks back about being lost in one of the richest parts of Hermosillo? (In fact, my area has the main Catholic Cathedral in all of Sonora and the gobernatorial palace in it. The house of this investigator is super close to them. We plan on going there and taking pictures in a few hours) And how we taught her (name withheld) an incredibly spiritual lesson, and she came to Sacrament Meeting the very next day? Well, guess what? She was baptized and confirmed this weekend. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, YEEAAAHHH I FEEL GOOOD! Ahem. I feel good. Oh, and the pictures are of her, her son, Mom, and niece.

We were teaching her for three weeks. She´s very, very intelligent, and questioned almost everything we taught. She asked me at certain points, as a person born into the Church, if I have ever had doubts about the Church. Some of the most powerful testimonies that I have borne in my mission so far (with the help of the Spirit, of course) were given when I answered her. She struggled for a testimony, read, prayed, and did everything she could to receive a witness of the Spirit. And she received it.

Her life has changed these past few weeks. A few days ago, she told us what the first lesson was like for her--she said she could see something in our faces that she didn´t have. A peace, an assurance, something that she couldn´t define. As she received the lessons throughout the past month, she´s said she has felt that peace. And now, she´ll have it for eternity.

The baptismal service was special. The ward mission leader was out of town, so E. Cancino and I planned and organized all of it. We did everything we could, and she knew it. She felt the Spirit, and was a little nervous. But when she entered the font, I told her, "The baptism is about 5 seconds. But the effects last forever." She was baptized, and promptly burst into tears a few seconds later. She knows the change that has been wrought in her life. She understands.

I had to write that now, while the memory is fresh in my mind. I have the written experience of my first baptism in my journal, and unfortunately didn´t have enough time to write all of it last week. But don´t worry, it´ll come in time.

To all of you that have written me, I have written replies. But I haven´t had a chance to send them.

Mom, thank you for the news of home.


Elder Humbert

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