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Monday, April 4, 2011

4.4.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

It was President Velez´s birthday this week. Check out the picture of him with a massive knife ready to cut his cake, standing with his wife. Oh, and Eric, it´s a Mexican tradition to shove people´s faces into their own birthday cake. So maybe you have some Mexican blood in you. Bahahaha

This was a hard week. We dropped some investigators, but it was made up in conference. I loved Elder Oaks, Elder Scott, Elder Christofferson, Elder Andersen, and President Monson´s talks. Amazing.

But let me talk about what I should be talking about.

The mission is hard. It´s hard. It´s hard. But I love people that want to come unto Christ. And for some reason, people love me back. In fact, Victor, who is easily 50 years old or more, calls me his godfather. I love that man.

People´s lives change so much, so much. The first time we came to Victor´s house, he would not stop talking about his problems in his life. His face was creased, his eyes were downcast, and he wasn´t able to focus on a topic of conversation for longer than a few minutes without veering off. But something happened after about a week. It wasn´t incredibly sudden, but gradual, like the sun coming up on the horizon (thanks E. Bednar for the analogy). He started to smile more. I started to smile more. His voice became less strained. He began to ask if he could say the opening prayer in our lessons. He has changed so much. GAH! I am SO HAPPY WHEN I SEE PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR LIVES! YOU JUST HAVE TO LET GOD DO IT!

Ahhhh! I want to write, I want to WRITE! I will write! Jen, I want to, believe me. I want people to know how I feel! But I can´t do it as much as I want to! But I promise, right now: from every P-day onward, I will write for at least 30 minutes by hand, which will be compiled at the end of the month to be sent in a large letter. Believe me, I want to right more. But exact obedience is the price-

Elder Humbert

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