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Monday, May 16, 2011

5.16.11 -- Satelite, Hermosillo

Also, I forgot the cable to my camera, but we had 3 baptisms this last weekend. Yeah. Awesome. They were all men (two in their 40s and one was 18 years old--future missionary, the youth we explained to about recognizing true principles taught in the pre-existence), and unfortunately, they all wanted me to baptize them, instead of E. Rivas. I wanted him to, but the person baptized has the final say.

One of the men, whom I will falsely name Carlos, was a little embarrassed about the baptismal clothing. But I walked into the service behind him, gently pushing him the entire way. He´s the man who read everything we gave him to read, and loves the Gospel Principles book we gave him last week. It won´t be long before he receives the priesthood.

His baptism was great. He entered the font, and he looked at the members watching him. He still seemed kind of nervous, but he was baptized. After he came out of the water, I hugged him (well, I hugged them all), and pretty much told him the Mexican equivalent of "I love you, man." He said the same, and left the font smiling. He´s seen his life change completely in the past few months. He found a job, is on better terms with his family, has stopped doing anything that, well, would be called . . . the only English word I can think of is pompous, but it works:"unsavory." He´s so much happier now--geez, he was smiling even more on Sunday after he was confirmed. Along with the other two. The youth, who reminds me of Kellen since he´s super tall and skinny (taller than Cole, easily), was smiling even more. He brought his cousin to church this week to see him be confirmed, and his cousin says he wants to come back the next week. Awesome. The other man, well, he was already a really good person before he was baptized, but he says that he´s never felt like he does now. He tried to describe how he felt when he came out of the water during his baptism, but couldn´t quite do it. Apparently it couldn´t be described.

Geez, this has been a good week. It´s also nice that I´m more tired this week. Since I have more responsibility now, I don´t have as much time to think, which means I don´t catch myself daydreaming as often. That´s nice. And E. Rivas doesn´t snore, so I sleep really well now.

The first district meeting was nice. More details would be a waste of time.

The woman who we baptized . . . huh, 2 months ago (that was quick), talked in church this last week. She did an amazing job, and she keeps learning more about the gospel. She brought her husband to church as well to see her talk, so she´s even happier right now. Geez, I feel good this week.

Elder Humbert

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